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Border Collie colors

I have been getting a lot of Border Collie color questions lately and I would like point people to one site.

We have one male dog that is a little confusing as far as color goes. Our boy Trip is a sable gold merle and the problem is he looks like a gold and white dog. The gold color is the ee gene and the ee gene is simply a masking gene so it will mask the "True" color or pattern of hairs. The easiest to understand ee gene would be the Lab. Notice how all labs have either a chocolate or black nose? Well that is because they are genetically a chocolate or black dog with the ee masking gene that has "masked" the true color of the dog. My dog's parents a gold dad and a blue merle mom. My dog was a dark gold pup at birth and but we had no way of knowing if he was a merle nowing without DNA'ing for the merle gene or breeding him. When bred he sired merles in every litter as well as saddle pattern sables too.
Usually with gold's people can tell the dogs true color by looking at the nose. If a gold dog has a chocolate nose he is a chocolate dog, blue nose is a blue dog, black nose is a black dog, lilac nose is a lilac dog. But we are not able to tell patterns on a gold dog so you cannot see merle, brindle or sable on golds.

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Photos from a few weeks ago!

Colton was the only one not in the photos because he was taking a nap but I did get the other three boys with Rodney.

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Okay I have a new pup. This is Kimber a Suzi daughter.