Thursday, January 28, 2010


Kiera is almost 2 years old now!

This is Kiera playing in the field. This was before her bath but look at her happy self playing in the field. :-)

Getting ready

Okay I think I got it all done! Woo hooo. The dogs have not been to a show since last May and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they just act okay. Not worried about points, just the dogs being good in the ring. Kiera was at the vet yesterday because she swallowed a bone and was gagging. Kiera's throat is scratched so she is making a hacking noise off and on but she does not seem bothered.

I will be going to set up my stuff in the morning and then Sat. we have an early show morning. Since my hubby is offshore it will be me and the kids, Michelle and maybe my mom helping out at the show too.

Hopefully now that Rodney is back to work after his surgery we will be able to make more shows. Fingers crossed!